Exotic dishes of the world

Salads and snacks
  SALADS SNACKS FOR THE FESTIVE TABLE. Salads and snacks are present not only on the festive table, but also during normal Breakfast, lunch or dinner. However, the salads and…

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Christmas recipes
Chicken terrine with vegetables Share your collection of holiday recipes with your friends! Christmas cold snacks Without appetizers it is hard to imagine new year's eve menu. With cold appetizers…

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Prestigious restaurants in the world

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Prestigious restaurants in the world and their gourmet meals

By organizing your own wedding, we on average spend on it 20,30,50 thousand hryvnias, and we are very worried, as cost us so much pleasure. But, there are a pair of newlyweds who spend more than one million dollars to not only complete the marriage ceremony at the highest level, but tasty and expensive to organize your wedding Banquet.

To do this all over the world there are expensive and very expensive restaurants, and Banquet halls. They arrange a wedding celebration millionaires, multimillionaires, and various celebrities. In this article we will tell you not only about the prestigious and expensive restaurants of the world, but, and what meals are served this most rich and famous, and how much they cost.

According to the magazine Forbes in the ranking of the most expensive and exclusive restaurants in the world, the first place belongs to Japanese restaurant Aragava, although the food choice is not great. Its well-deserved reputation he has gained due to dishes of red meat, which is grown in special conditions and incredible appetizers on the holiday. This meat is called beef marble, and is 200 grams of fillet is greater than 100 dollars. Don’t scare the celebrities and the prices on food at a few hundred dollars per person at the restaurant Arpege in Paris. The items of the menu Continue reading

Salad with Peking cabbage

Salads NAPA cabbage

Cabbage –

wonderful vyruchalka for the hostess.

Its main advantage is tender and juicy leaves, which remain so even in the winter.

NAPA cabbage, you can quickly prepare a salad just for 5 minutes. Enough to chop it, add 2-3 ingredients and the salad is ready. But if in advance to prepare the necessary products, you can make a salad that is not only delicious and useful, but also pleasing to the eye with its aesthetic appearance.

Here are the recipes very quick salads.

Recipe first:

Quick salad of Chinese cabbage

He is very austere and quick to prepare.

Floor fork Chinese cabbage (or a whole small forks)

small onion

Bank of canned red beans or corn

Chop the cabbage, slice the onion, add the beans (or corn), a little salt, drizzle vegetable oil (ideally olive), a little mayonnaise. It’s all finished.

This salad can be supplemented with vegetables when available. You can add tomato, bell pepper or cucumber, and of course greens.

Recipe for two:

Salad: NAPA cabbage with cheese

Also very quick to prepare.

Floor fork Chinese cabbage (or a little Continue reading



In the South of Thailand cooked the most delicious dish in the world – massaman curry . Its basis is meat, coconut milk, nuts, potatoes, palm sugar. It would seem nothing special, but to repeat this dish outside of Thailand is almost impossible because it requires the freshest spices, sauces and special paste for curry massaman local production.

In the US just need to try the ice cream – here it is surprisingly delicious: chocolate sauce, marshmallows, nuts. Careful, American ice cream is addictive.

Muamba chicken – sounds exotic, but essentially it’s just chicken, fried in palm oil with spicy peppers, garlic and vegetables. Will be in Angola, do not forget to try.

Meat, pungent spices and coconut milk and cook Indonesian dish is the Rendang . This unappetizing-looking dark pieces of dried meat, which after a long treatment gave surprisingly rich aroma and taste.

Britain’s pride, the shepherd’s pie . It is usually made from lamb and mashed potatoes and eat on a rainy evening by the fireplace. It’s so British.

Corn . cooked whole, does not belong to any of the kitchen or anywhere in the world you can meet this simple, but delicious and nutritious dish. Boiled or baked Continue reading

Creative ideas design Christmas table


Closer and closer the advent of magic, all your favorite holidays — New Year and Christmas, fill the house with a special atmosphere, the scent of pine needles and tangerines, the smell of delicious dishes. Many are waiting for the guests, someone observes these holidays in close family circle, however, everyone is wondering not just how and what to prepare tasty, but also as beautiful and original decorate a Christmas table. After all, a holiday should be remembered!

So, what should be the new year’s table?

First of all, it should be bright. Looking at him, everyone should understand that the festive table. This is why you must choose the various elements serving bright juicy colors.

Many people know that the symbol of 2015 year blue wooden Goat, so put on a festive table as many items from natural material, such as wood.

Because the Goat is blue, it means it’s better to decorate Christmas table in blue, blue or green. In addition, encouraged to design in warm pastel colors, such as beige, peach, ivory. Shades better to choose so that they are matched with the room interior.

Very beautiful when the chandelier under which there is a holiday table, hanging Christmas balls . selected in the color table.

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Meat salads

Meat salads

The salad is an interesting dish that came to us from Italy.

Once, two centuries ago, the Italians invented the dish, which consisted of endive, parsley and onions, spiced vinegar, olive oil and honey. Greens not cut, and was served with whole leaves, so the salad that ate the Roman soldiers, not like those salads, to which we are accustomed.

Meat salads

The salad was served with meat dishes and complimented by the taste of its sharpness. Especially good he was to roast. Thanks to the ingredients and the seasoning it had a rather sharp taste.

The French paid attention to this dish much later than the Italians, and in the 16th and 17th centuries, they began to serve the salad on the table aristocrats. They have salads turned out even better than the Italians, because in France more cold greens was juicy. The French came up with to add to the recipe a neutral green, which later, in honor of this dish is also called salad. And came up with a variety of sauces for seasoning.

So, gradually, from the dishes to the meat, the salad was the appetizer and took a firm place on the menu of the aristocracy.

But foodies of the 17th century did not recognize add in a salad of root vegetables, including their taste is too coarse. Therefore boiled vegetables included in the recipes of salads until much later; and when the dressing sauce again became democratic, the salad began its triumphant March across Europe. Continue reading

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